🚨 T-Mobile blocks firearm text messages

T-mobile blocks firearm text messages

Through our explorations, our team discovered that T-Mobile has made it clear that if there is a link to a gun store on the text campaign and ammunition is sold in the store, they will not accept the text campaign and block text messages to consumers. 

T-Mobile update (December 15th, 2022)

T-Mobile is rejecting Firearm campaigns based on their interpretation of the CTIA code of conduct on page 10.. 

T-Mobile has made it clear that if there is a link to a gun store on the text campaign, and in the store ammunition is sold, they will not accept the campaign and will suppress messages. 

You can’t advertise gun accessories even with age-gating if your range or store sells ammo on the T-mobile network and sub-networks like Mint mobile.

CTIA guidelines 

Otter Technologies’ legal team referenced CTIA page 19.

Text campaigns containing or promoting S.H.A.F.T. content that is not federally illegal must have a functioning age gate. Guns, Gun accessories, and the sale of ammo.

  • The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right to keep and bear arms. 
  • There is no Federal registration requirement for most conventional sporting firearms. Only those firearms subject to the National Firearms Act (NFA) (e.g., machine guns, short-barrel firearms, silencers, destructive devices, or any other weapons) must be registered with ATF.
  • Federal law does not require a license to sell, purchase, or possess ammunition.

Otter Technologies follows age-gating on links and opt-in by CTIA guidelines for firearm clients.

How will T-Mobile know if I sell Ammo?

Trigger words in text campaigns and websites: Ammo, range, firearm, gun accessories. They have manual and automated checks. Does this affect 2-way chat? Right now, we haven’t seen anything affecting 2-way communication, just large campaigns, and some will slip through so that Otter will monitor T-mobile closely on our platform.

Can I send text campaigns to other carriers?

Yes. All other carriers are not suppressing firearms messages through Otter Text and our age-gating system.

Can I use Otter Text for sending text campaigns?

Yes! T-Mobile is the only provider suppressing messages. All other content has been accepted on our platform with other carriers.

  • In January, we will update Otter Text to show suppressed text campaigns based on the mobile provider. This will be exportable to inform your customers via email about T-Mobile’s Block on Firearms and allow you to filter out T-Mobile customers from your campaign lists.

To learn more, visit our blog for more information and keep updated on industry news affecting your range: https://ottertext.com/articles/s-h-a-f-t-brands-and-sms-the-truth

How does Otter Text follow S.H.A.F.T. compliance?
  • Age gate opt-in form, chat, keyword.
  • Age-gate with double opt-in with birthday verification.
  • Age-gate on links.
  • Continuous exploration of guidelines and laws.
  • Free 30min consultation to review campaigns before sending.
How will this affect sending ability on Otter Text along with charges?

Carriers will still charge fees for Undeliverable text campaigns. Because of this, OtterText will implement our software to allow companies to remove and track customers’ phone numbers with blocked numbers due to T-Mobile’s suppression to help decrease fees and increase deliverability.

How can you help?

Tell your customers about restricted communication through T-Mobile. Use a Pro-2A text company like Otter. Contact the following organizations to file suit against T-Mobile’s suppression:

Please spread the word to support our rights and the companies fighting for them.

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