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Opt-in Webforms

We know you want to collect leads as soon as possible when signing up for an account, so we offer a Custom Opt-In webform when starting your free trial or paid plan.
Mass texting on OtterText

Mass Group Texting

Sending a mass group text message is as easy as clicking one button. With our sleek and simple-looking web-based interface, you can send a blast of texts to all your subscribers in seconds.

Text Keywords

Anyone with a mobile phone can register for text-based marketing and notifications by sending your custom keyword to any phone number. Each keyword corresponds to a segment or demographic, so there's no confusion about who will receive what messages from which campaign.

Schedule a Text

Our built-in calendar feature makes it easy to schedule a single text message or mass group text messages to go out on any future date and time. You'll never miss an opportunity for outreach again!
Two-way texting on OtterText

Auto Reply Texts

When someone texts your keyword to your designated phone number, they'll get an automatic text reply within a few seconds. It's just one of the ways we make it easier for you so that you can customize auto-replies and change them at any time!

Two-Way SMS

OtterText offers you an inbox that lets your subscribers text you back. You can engage them in a conversation and answer any questions they might have for you. Incoming SMS messages are free.
Two-way texting on OtterText

Authentic Text Messages

With OtterText, your texts go through right away, eliminating the hassle of waiting for a response. Your texts are also identified as being from you - no one else will have access to them!
Use Ottertext from your mobile phone

CTIA and Mobile Carrier Guidance

Read our guide on text message compliance so you can focus your text messaging efforts. Text messages offer an instant way to reach out to people- take note of things such as welcome confirmation messages and opt-in/opt-out management for different types of audiences.
age-gating on OtterText


Stay compliant with S.H.A.F.T.'s guidelines when sending out text promotions for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, or gun ranges; Otter has an age gate system already installed to ensure compliance with S.H.A.F.T.'s rules regarding these industries

Web Chat

Communicate with customers via our apple/android app with Inbox and webchat.

Unlimited Contacts

You'll never have limitations. Grow your subscriber list of mobile phones as much as you want; we will never set a limit on it. Just keep adding contacts, one at a time or all at once! Use our tools to capture and store important customer details, like first names or birthdays. Then use merge tags to make each text campaign personalized for every person who joins.
Comprehensive analytics on OtterText

Comprehensive Analytics

Get an outstanding look at your content marketing campaigns with our real-time analytic dashboard. Track click rates, conversion rates, subscriber activity levels, previous engagement, and more!
Just once is all you need on on OtterText

Just Once

This most beneficial feature will only allow each of your subscribers to get your Keyword welcome auto-reply message once. And just one time! Amazing, right? Follow us here - if they're opted-in, then opted out, and then opted back in again, they'll still receive a generic Welcome email.

Single Send

There will come a time when you'll want to send or schedule an individual text message or appointment reminder for your subscribers - and we make it easy.
upgrade your OtterText Account anytime

Upgrade Your OtterText Account Anytime

As there are no contracts for OtterText, when you want to get more texts at any given time, all you need to do is upgrade your plan and we will give you instant access to more outbound messages.
upload your subscriber list on OtterText

Upload Your Subscriber List

Welcome to OtterText! Did you know that if you have authorization from your subscribers, you can upload your contact list in an instant? All it takes is one button push and before long, you're able to send out mass texts. Our streamlined process has never been easier!

Picture Messaging

You can bet on higher response rates and subscriber engagement whenever you send a text with a picture. Your recipients will love it. And check this out! When you send a photo message, you can include up to 1,600 characters in the body of your text message!
Multiple user capabilities on OtterText

Multiple User Capabilities

Need to add additional team members to your account? With OtterText, you can easily set up multiple managers - one who will oversee the entire system and another who handles specific tasks. Set up rule-based permissions for each user you add. Enable cross functional teams access to all or some of your text messaging services.
Personalization on OtterText


Your contacts are so much more than just someone’s phone number. They’re an individual with a name and personalities. With this feature, you can easily insert them into your texts by adding their first names automatically.

Text to Join

When you're looking for a way to simply communicate with your fans, turn to Text To Join. Collecting mobile numbers from people who want text alerts about your business has never been easier - or more profitable! With our Text To Join service you can build up your subscriber list while getting valuable information about what they care about most.
SMS Surveys on OtterText

SMS Surveys

Survey texts allow you to create a questionnaire that your subscribers and those who do not subscribe to your list can take. Information that you collect can be segmented and reused in text message marketing.
Secure data and information on OtterText

Secure Data And Information

All your data and information will remain 100% safe and secure when you use our industry-leading SSL technology, which includes strict AES 256-bit encryption.
Use Ottertext from your mobile phone

Use OtterText From Your Mobile Phone

You can send an instant text message using your cell phone. If you don't have a computer nearby, just open up your OtterText account from your cell phone and blast out your text messages there.
Text marketing tips on OtterText

Text Marketing Tips

Our mission at OtterText is to provide individuals with all the information they need for marketing success. From best practices to hot trends and even up-to-date advice - we cover it all! This content is only available within the OtterText community so sign up now and never miss out!