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Build your subscriber list fast with our easy-to-use tools.

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Convert more visitors into purchasers with triggers, automations, and deep segmentation.

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Nurture strong customer relationships across the entire buying experience.

Robust text message marketing services for every need.

SMS marketing allows you to send mobile text messages for marketing alerts, sales events, coupons, discounts, announcements, notifications, and more. Otter Text makes communicating with your contacts easy and efficient.


Open Rates

98% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. Use the Otter Text platform to send mass group text messages, including photos, attachments, and more.


Prefer Texting.

Get any phone number you want and quickly send and track all your messages. Mass text with your customers in real-time using our free inbox solution.

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Grow your audience

Growing your list is the foundation for any successful SMS marketing campaign. The more people you have on your list, the more benefits you drive. We have a full suite of tools to grow your subscriber base and keep it there – through landing pages, social opt-in links, 2-way chat, Keywords, offer codes, QR codes, shortcodes, and third-party integrations – all helping our customers build up their message lists quickly and easily, and compliantly.

SMS and MMS marketing solutions

Reach More Customers Faster & Easier with Text Marketing

Mass texting on OtterText

Mass Group Texting

Sending a mass group text message is as easy as clicking one button. With our sleek and simple-looking web-based interface, you can send a blast of texts to all your subscribers in seconds.
Two-way texting on OtterText

Two-Way Texting

About 70% of consumers want to communicate with businesses via texting, so perfect the everyday customer experience by two-way texting and use an existing landline to receive and send text messages.

MMS / Picture Messaging*

You can bet on higher response rates and subscriber engagement whenever you send a text with a picture. Additionally, you'll be able to include a lot more information if you attach a photo to the text. There are up to 1,600 characters!

Unlimited contacts

Utilize our tools to capture and store essential customer information, like first name or birthday, and then use merge tags to customize individual messages to give your mass text campaigns a more personal touch.

Text reminders

Text reminders
All mobile phone users enjoy text message and multimedia message service (MMS) text appointment reminders and confirmations.

Birthday message series

You can easily collect birthdays when subscribers enroll in your text list. We will automatically send them a customized birthday text when their special day arrives. Send a special offer, give a mobile coupon, or just wish them a happy birthday!
SMS Surveys on OtterText

Keyword Campaigns

Using keywords to segment your lists and run special automated messages helps you remain compliant, provide incentives, encourage action, ask for additional information, and much more!

Text Surveys

Survey texts allow you to create a questionnaire that your subscribers and those who do not subscribe to your list can take. Information that you collect can be segmented and reused in text message marketing.

Smart Insights

Performance- understanding it is key to a successful text marketing strategy. You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we’ve designed robust sets of pre-built analytics dashboards to help you make intelligent business decisions. From simple opt-in and clickthrough rates recovery analysis – the information we provide gives meaningful insight into your business practices and enables you to refine your marketing campaigns.

Track KPIs on OtterText

We've Got Your Mobile Messaging Covered.

Picking the exemplary SMS marketing service can be tricky – and one of the most important factors is whether it complies with carrier regulations. Our platform includes easy age-gating, so you’re safe from trouble when selling alcohol, firearms, or hemp-based CBD in Canada.

Hands-on approach

We are proud of our user-friendly text marketing service. And even more so, we are proud of the humans who work for us! Unlike many software companies out there that would rather stay away from you (and typically have you call an outsourced customer service line), our team is filled with friendly people ready to answer your questions and offer personalized solutions for your business needs. We’ve created these teams because we want this personal touch – it’s what makes us happy, too.

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