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We’re here to give you the resources you need to stay compliant with text regulations and grow your business.

Fast Setup. Easy Operation

Enjoy peace of mind with continued 1-on-1 support through our hands-on approach and strategic advice.

Enhanced Compliance

Businesses can enjoy a more streamlined workflow thanks to built-in S.H.A.F.T compliance to protect every SMS sent for Alcohol, Firearms, and CBD in Canada.

Powerful software

Big Data Analytics

Companies will be better equipped to collect, store, and analyze data on campaigns and your lists.

user friendly platform

User-friendly Platform

The text message marketing software provides a toolset to grow, engage, and nurture your customers.

We are here to help!

Whether you are new to SMS marketing or an old pro, our experts on hand can help you build an effective text message strategy tailored just for your company. One-on-one account setup and training means we are uniquely positioned to be the most effective SMS service provider out there. We take the time to understand what drives your business so that we can create a plan that works specifically for your needs.

Because education is critical in successful promotion campaigns, our website offers tutorials and an online course library aimed at helping marketers take their skills from beginner level up to expert status.


Ready to Grow your Business

Forget about picking up the phone; text directly to your customer with Otter!
Otter is made for all types of businesses that want to connect with customers via text messages. From food trucks, hotels, nonprofits, or bars – whatever your industry may be- we have what it takes to make you successful!

Our Story

It all started in a house in boulder, CO back in April 2020.

Our co-founder Ben Nelson was working to build out a digital waiver platform for the eSignature & legal industry while also building means to utulize text for transactional message once a waiver was signed. Example would be if a group went rafting and afterwards would get a text asking “how thier experience was.” This was easy but while working in the firearms space he found out that shooting ranges and retail shops where being banned from sending marketing texts.

After surveying the SMS industry, it became clear that their was a big hole in the market for S.H.A.F.T. (Sex, Hate, Acohal, Firearms, Tabacco) companies not being able to send text messages. Our goal is to help Restraunts, Bars, Wineries, and firearm businessess stay complaint and grow thier business along side many other industries outside of S.H.A.F.T.

Our team has over 30+ years in marketing and advertising and helps each client with onboarding, list growth with recomendations for campaigns so we can make sure our clients our #1 and grow with us.

Otter Technologies suite of services stands behind being the #1 technologie company for building compliance and growth tools for your business: Text | eSign | Hosting

When it comes down to it, Otter Technologies stands behind being THE top compliance and growth tools provider for businesses today. With text messages, eSignatures, hosting – whatever your needs may be – we’ll do all we can to keep ahead of the game, so both parties win.

We're Here For You, 24/7

Most companies think they have an excellent customer service department- we do! Contact us, email us, or chat with us, and you’ll find out why we’re different from most other services – we’re here to take care of the people who matter most to our company. Right now, when you need help, you can reach a person- not an automated system or someone halfway across the world- without paying exorbitant fees for international calls or waiting on hold for hours until someone finally picks up. You deserve better than that; call or contact us today!

Customer Service on Ottertext

We've Got Your Mobile Messaging Covered.

Picking an exemplary SMS marketing service can be tricky – and one of the most important factors is whether it complies with carrier regulations. Our platform includes easy age-gating, so you’re safe from trouble if you’re selling alcohol, firearms, or hemp-based CBD in Canada. We also provide a strict zero-tolerance policy for content that violates carrier guidelines; we audit all text programs and shortcodes to ensure they’re updated daily.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative, convenient solutions for all types of businesses to make their lives easier and grow their company simultaneously.

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