10 SMS Templates Every Firearm Retail Store Should Have in Their Otter Text Account

10 SMS Templates Every Firearm Retail Store Should Have in Their Otter Text Account

Clear and timely text messages are crucial in the firearms industry, where regulations and customer expectations demand precision.  Here are 10 targeted templates that build trust, speed up transactions, and streamline your shop’s workflow. These are handpicked and ready to add to your Ottertext account. 

Approval Request

This type of message streamlines the approval process and prevents unpleasant surprises for the customer. It’s vital for maintaining transparency and managing expectations.  

Indicate that the work order requires the customer’s attention for authorization before proceeding. Provide accessible contact information and operating hours for prompt resolution.

“Hello, {{first_name}}! Your work order at [Store Name] needs approval for additional parts or labor. Contact us at [Number] to discuss. Hours: [Business Hours]”

Repair Complete Notice

This message generates excitement and ensures the timely pickup of a repaired firearm.  It boosts customer satisfaction and maintains efficient shop operations. 

Keep the message celebratory while clearly stating the item is ready and reminding the customer of your operating hours.

“Hello, {{first_name}}! Your firearm repair at [Store Name] is complete and ready for pickup. Hours: [Business Hours]”

Form 4 Certification Alert

This message guides customers through a time-sensitive process critical to acquiring regulated items. It’s essential for helping customers navigate complex regulations. 

Provide clear instructions on creating an ATF account and emphasize the need for real-time coordination to complete the certification process, ensuring timely compliance.

“Hello, {{first_name}}! Your ATF e-Form 4 is ready to certify. Create an ATF account (if you haven’t already) at http://eforms.atf.gov. Call us at [Number] when at a computer to complete the process.”

Welcome Message

A warm and engaging welcome builds rapport and immediately rewards new subscribers, which is pivotal for customer acquisition and retention. 

Include a personalized greeting, an expression of thanks, and a clear incentive. Provide an easy way to opt out to respect their preferences.

“Hi {{first_name}}! Thanks for joining [Store Name]’s  text alerts. Here’s 15% off your next order: WELCOME15. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”

Flash Sale

Flash sales create a sense of urgency and excitement around fantastic deals. It’s a powerful tool for driving immediate sales and clearing out inventory.  

Boldly announce the sale’s start, highlight the potential savings, and include a compelling call to action with your website link. Always allow recipients to opt-out.

“Don’t miss out! [Store Name]’s flash sale is on NOW – up to 50% off select items. Shop here: [Website Link] Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”

Abandoned Cart

These messages are designed to recover lost sales and boost conversions. They provide a gentle reminder and reignite interest in forgotten items.  

Keep it friendly, include a direct link to the cart, and offer the option to unsubscribe.

“Your [Store Name] cart is waiting! Complete your order now and get those goodies: [Cart Link] Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”

Transfer Received

Immediate notification of a received transfer provides peace of mind to customers and streamlines the pickup process. This message reduces delays and ensures a smooth transaction.

“This is [business name]. We’ve received your transfer, and it’s ready! Please visit us [days of operation] between [hours of operation] to complete your background check and pick up your item.”

Business Hours

Direct access to your business hours is important for customers to plan their visits and set clear expectations. 

Keep it short and direct. Use an SMS keyword like “HOURS” to send this message. It lets customers know exactly what action to take to get the necessary information. 

“We are open [days of operation] from [opening time] to [closing time]. Closed on [days closed].”

Feedback Request

Genuine feedback allows businesses to improve processes and customer satisfaction.  This is essential for growth and refining operations.  

Keep the message brief, express appreciation, and provide an easy way for customers to rate their experience.  

“How was your recent [Store Name] experience? Rate us on a scale of 1-5! Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”


Directly providing your location information is vital for helping customers find your physical store.  This is important for generating foot traffic and increasing in-store sales. 

Include your address, business hours, and a link to generate directions for easy navigation.

“Find us at [Address]. Open [Business Hours]. Get directions: [Map Link] “


These templates are your key to smoother operations and happier customers. When you need a texting solution that works as hard as you do, Ottertext delivers. Say goodbye to delays and miscommunications. Say hello to efficiency, compliance, and satisfied customers. Discover the power of Ottertext for your firearm business with a 14-day trial.