20 free text message campaigns for Shooting Ranges.

20 Sample Text MArketing Campaigns for Shooting Ranges.

It’s hard to imagine somebody who doesn’t like ammunition offers from a shooting range. With prices changing at all times, even receiving a request for 10-20% off is enough to put a smile on anybody’s face.

When running a shooting range, however, it may not be easy to keep your business full and increase retail sales. For this reason, we recommend sending out an enticing text message inviting customers to show up at the specified time of the event or promotion before it ends if they want discounted items.

This post will detail how you can use easy templates when writing engaging texts for your promotional events or meetups at your firing range, which usually houses rifles and handguns only – (you’ll find information about shops that specialize in guns here).

S.H.A.F.T. Guidelines

Picking an appropriate SMS Marketing service can be challenging, and one of the most critical factors is if it conforms with carrier regulations. When looking at examples of marketing campaigns for shooting ranges and jumping to send one. Ensure that your SMS Provider is age-gating and following CTIA Guidelines for Firearm Companies. Otter Text’s platform includes easy age-gating that complies with S.H.A.F.T guidelines, so you’re safe from legal troubles when selling alcohol, firearms, or hemp-based CBD in Canada.

List Signup

How do you convince customers to opt-in and become part of your mailing list? Make them an offer they cannot refuse! In one study, businesses that offered an incentive saw their emailing lists grow 520% faster. 

  • Signup for our VIP text program and get a BOGO on lane rental, valid for one week after registration.
  • Text AMMO to {{Phone_Number}} and receive 20% off Browning 9MM / 50 round.
  • Signup for our VIP text program, and we will waive the new member account setup fee.

Ammo Sales:

Create a keyword for all your ammo-hungry shoppers. Next time you have an ammo sale at your shooting range, blast it out to your segmented list and sell out the same day.

  • Ammo Sale! Browning 9MM 200-round pack for $61.99, equivalent to $15.49/ 50 rounds. Valid 8/29-9/2 (in-store only, while supplies last).
  • Get the best deals on ammunition and accessories this month with our special offer {{Offer_Code}}; see us today!
  • 10% off ammo (extra 10% off for members)

Range Promos

More bodies equal more sales. A solo customer will spend less time at your shooting range than a group, so offer BOGOs during your slow time to increase traffic.

  • Hi {{first_name}}! Are you thinking about going to the range? Bring a friend on Tuesday or Wednesday anytime from 10 am-2 pm and enjoy 2 for the price of 1 lane rental; show this offer when you arrive to get the promo.
  • Hi {{first_name}}! Have you tested out our gun rental counter? Rent a gun and get free lane time next Tuesday from 10 am-2 pm; show this offer when you arrive to ensure your free lane.
  • Need a little target practice? You’re in luck! {{Company_Name}} has everything you need for your next trip to the gun range. Rent a lane this Wednesday and get free gun rentals. 
  • The time is 10 am. Ready to practice at the range? Show this text at {{Company_Name}} and get free gun rentals with a lane until 2 pm. Show this text at the gun counter.
  • Bring a new shooter, and we will waive the $10 processing fee.
  • Bring a friend Friday – 50% off the second shooter (members bring a friend for free)
  • Multi-gun rental for the single rental price (members extra 10% off ammo)

Online Sales

If you can track a promo with your POS, use custom codes.

  • {{Company_Name}} 3 Days Only! You won 10% off orders of $50+ with code {insert code} (for first-time subscribers) Shop Now: 


A full class is better than an empty one at your shooting range. Try texting last minute to fill up spots.

  • {{Company_Name}} Summer Sale. All LTC classes are $75 through August 2022. Signup today.{{LInk}}.
  • {{Company_Name}} has two spots just opened in our Monday night CCW class.  The first to respond gets the spots buy-one-get-one-free (50% off). Call us at {{Phone_Number}} and mention BOGOCCW for the offer.


Segment your list and send out special promotions to hit your membership goals.

  • {{first_name}}, Get exclusive membership offers and join our range today! Click the Link to learn more.
  • Black Friday special, no signup fee when you join our monthly range membership.


  • Labor Day only! Free background checks on us.
  • Labor Day only! 15% off all red dots.

Grow your retail sales and shooting range with OtterText

Besides the example above, you can do plenty of other things to market your shooting range and stay compliant with age-gating. Time-sensitive specials, lane reservations, and pickup notifications can all be sent via two-way chat. The options are endless!

OtterText’s customers can quickly and easily create text message campaigns through landing pages, social opt-in links, custom QR codes, or shortcodes. Try OtterText today!