5 Strategies to Increase Mobile Marketing Opt-ins

5 Strategies to Increase Mobile Marketing Opt-ins

There is excellent potential in SMS marketing, but if you don’t have subscribers, you can’t reap its benefits. Spreading the word about your campaign isn’t enough if you don’t get people to opt-in. Sending texts to people who haven’t opted in is against the rules, as with any permission-based medium. 

Here are five strategies for getting people interested in your SMS marketing program so you can meet your objectives and grow your business.

1. Always Include a Call to Action

By including your SMS marketing information on your marketing collateral, you can easily encourage people to opt-in to your campaign. It’s a compelling call to action that you can easily incorporate into any current or future form of advertising, whether print, digital or face-to-face.

You must ensure your materials have the critical message and other relevant information. You can generate interest in your SMS marketing initiative by encouraging people to join via a call to action. Nearly everyone has a phone, so all it takes is a quick text message with a unique keyword to sign up for your campaign.

2. Cross Promote Between Different Channels

Although texting as a call to action (CTA) is effective, it is not the only way to get people to sign up for your texting program. Use any means to get the word out about your program. Take advantage of the fact that you already communicate with customers in multiple channels by informing them about your text messaging service.

Promoting your business to people already interested in it is a win-win situation via channels like an email newsletter and social media profiles. As a result, they will be more likely to join your SMS marketing program, leading to greater opt-ins.

3. Incentivize Your Prospects to Opt-in

Offering incentives for people to join your SMS marketing program is a simple way to boost your program’s subscriber base. Incentive programs can take many forms, including but not limited to discounts and special offers, and can be tailored to each business and its offerings. As a result, offering a discount or other incentive is an intelligent strategy for expanding your mailing list.

4. Give Them A Reason Beyond Incentives

It’s not enough to offer a single enticement for signup; you need to give potential subscribers a compelling reason to join your SMS marketing program. This typically entails periodic coupons for various programs. However, subscribers also appreciate news about your company, access to unique content, a glimpse behind the scenes, and opportunities to win prizes.

Many features of your program are helpful to the target audience. Get to know their needs and deliver on your guarantees. Many people will join your program and stick with it if you offer a compelling enough additional motivation.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the information you publish is not available elsewhere. Assuming you want people to follow you across channels, you’ll need to entice them. Customers may only sign up for one of your communication channels if you offer the same discounts via email and SMS. If they are already engaged with your brand through social media, email, and your blog, you still need to give them a reason to join your texting program.

5. Keep Providing Value Throughout

A compelling argument for subscribing to your SMS marketing campaign won’t cut it unless it’s backed up. A steady stream of unsubscribes is a sure sign that your program has lost its appeal to its subscribers over time. Also, they may discourage their friends and family from joining.

On the other hand, you will gain credibility if your program lives up to its high standards. This will reduce the attrition rate for your program and boost your subscriber numbers through satisfied customers spreading the word. Keep the focus of your campaign on providing real value to your audience, and never break your word.

Increasing the size of your subscriber list can be done in several ways. To increase participation in your program, you need to spread the word that it exists, providing valuable content to your target audience.

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