Triple Your Firearm Event Signups with This SMS Strategy (With Templates)

Firearm Event Strategy

Turn your next event into your biggest sales driver yet! SMS marketing puts you in direct contact with your most engaged gun enthusiasts, letting you generate instant buzz and drive foot traffic to your booth. Think of SMS as a guiding hand through the sales funnel:

  • Awareness: It gets your event in front of a large audience.
  • Interest: Highlighting the coolest parts of the event sparks interest.
  • Decision: Limited-time offers motivate attendees to buy tickets.
  • Action: They register!
  • Loyalty: Post-event nurturing keeps your brand top of mind.

Covering Your Bases: Text Message Essentials Before the Event Rush

At OtterText, we understand the unique compliance challenges faced by firearm brands. That’s why we offer a wealth of resources to help you stay on the right side of regulations and avoid costly fines. For a comprehensive guide on 10DLC registration and SHAFT compliance, check out our article, Ultimate Guide to Getting Your 10DLC SMS Campaign Approved

Before crafting those exciting event offers, let’s ensure your SMS foundation is rock-solid. Here’s a quick checklist specifically for firearm business owners:


Familiarize yourself with your area’s relevant SMS regulations (TCPA, CTIA guidelines, etc.).  Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines, which is especially detrimental to firearm businesses.

Opt-Ins & Consent

Verify that your SMS subscriber list was built with express consent.  This means gun enthusiasts actively opted in to receive your messages—no pre-checked boxes or purchased lists.

Age Verification 

Implement a robust 21+ age-verification (not to be confused with age restriction) process on your website and signup forms. This is crucial to ensuring your SMS offers don’t reach those under the legal age and demonstrates your commitment to responsible firearm ownership.

Clear Opt-Out

Every text message you send must have a simple way for people to unsubscribe (e.g., “Text STOP to cancel”). Respecting preferences is legally required and vital for maintaining a positive brand reputation within the 2A community.

Healthy List

Consider “cleaning” your SMS list before the event. Remove inactive subscribers who haven’t engaged with your messages in a while to maximize your delivery and open rates.

Week 1: Pre-Event Buzz

As a firearm business, you know events are a prime opportunity to boost sales and connect with customers. A strategic SMS campaign in the week leading up to the event can amplify your results.

1. Event Teasers

Get gun enthusiasts excited about your event presence. Hint at exclusive deals and the chance to snag new firearms or in-demand gear.

Template: “🔥 Gear up! We’re bringing the heat to [Event Name]. Want first dibs on deals and new arrivals? Text JOIN.”

Pro Tip: If you’re showcasing specific brands or have new models arriving, drop hints to pique their interest.

2. Early Access

Reward your loyal SMS subscribers with pre-event access to discounts or special offers on select firearms and gear. This drives early engagement and builds a sense of insider status.

Template: “🤫 Insider Perk: Save 10% on [Specific Firearm or Gear Category] before the event rush. Text EARLYACCESS for the code.”

Sample SMS message

Pro Tip: Tailor the offer to what’s expected to be popular at the event. Ammo, optics, and range gear are often safe bets.

3. Contests

Generate excitement and grow your SMS list with an event-themed contest.  Offer a desirable firearm-related prize to maximize engagement.

Template: “💥 Gear Giveaway! Enter to win a $100 gift card for [Event Name] to upgrade your arsenal. Text GIVEAWAY. Winner announced [Date].”

Pro Tip: Choose a prize that aligns with the event’s theme (optics for a precision shooting event, tactical gear for a training expo, etc.).

MMS Ideas

  • A GIF showcasing exciting elements of past events (speakers, product reveals, demos) to build hype.
  • An eye-catching image of your event layout with vendor booths, emphasizing the size and variety of offerings.
  • Images highlighting your event’s top 3-4 “must-see” attractions (big name speakers, exclusive products, etc.).
  • A countdown GIF with the days remaining until the event, building anticipation.
Sample MMS gif teasing an event for firearm business

Week 2: During the Event

The event is in full swing! This is where your SMS marketing shifts into high gear, amplifying your presence and driving real-time engagement.

1. Flash Sales

Create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers exclusive to SMS subscribers. Emphasize scarcity and time constraints to encourage immediate booth visits.

Template: “💥 Event Exclusive! 25% off select ammo for the next 2 hours only. Show this text at checkout, Booth #[Number].”

Choose items likely to sell quickly during the event. Ammo, magazines, and popular accessories are great options.

2. Demo/Speaker Reminders

If you’re hosting demonstrations, talks, or have brand reps at the event, send timely SMS reminders to attendees.  This keeps you top-of-mind and encourages participation.

Template: “Don’t miss our [Firearm Model] demo starting in 15 mins at Booth #[Number]. See you there!”

Sample SMS message

Remind people to take advantage of special event pricing or availability on the featured firearm after the demo.

3. Product Spotlights

Use MMS to showcase exciting firearms, limited edition models, or those with special event pricing.  Include a clear call to action to visit your booth or website to purchase.

Template: “🔥 Hot Item Alert! Limited stock of the [Firearm Model] at Booth #[Number]. Get yours now before they’re gone.”

Consider offering to hold the showcased item briefly for those who text back expressing interest.

4. Inventory Updates

If certain firearms or accessories sell fast, send a quick SMS alert to drive interest and prevent disappointment.

Template: “🔥 Selling Fast! [Product Name] is flying off the shelves at Booth #[Number]. Limited stock left, get yours now!”

Sample SMS message

Suggest including a link to your online store if the item is available there.

MMS Ideas
  • Send GIFs of the bustling event floor to create FOMO for those who haven’t yet attended.
  • Images highlighting “can’t miss” deals from specific vendors, with a focus on limited quantities .
  • A close-up image of a new or exclusive product release available at the event.
  • GIF showcasing a live demonstration or speaker in action.
Sample MMS gif teasing an event for firearm business

Week 3: Post-Event Power

The event might be over, but that doesn’t mean the sales opportunities end.  SMS keeps the momentum going, allowing you to build relationships and drive further engagement for your firearm business.

1. Targeted Follow-Up

Send personalized messages to those who showed interest in your brand at the event. Tailor offers based on their expressed interests or specific firearm inquiries.

Template: “Loved seeing you at [Event Name]! Ready to complete that custom build on the [Firearm Model] we discussed? Text CUSTOM to 55555 for 10% off parts.”

Remind them of any special event discounts and their expiration date to drive a sense of urgency.

2. Missed Out? No Worries!

Re-engage those who couldn’t attend with a limited-time, post-event exclusive.  Highlight top deals or create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Template: “Missed the [Event Name] fun? Grab exclusive event-inspired savings on [Product Type] for 24 hours only. Shop now: [Website Link].”

Use inventory insights from the event to choose items of high interest to offer with this promotion.

3. Feedback Loop

Send a short SMS survey to attendees and those who opted in during the event.  Ask about their experience, favorite products, and what training classes they’d be interested in.

Template: “Thanks for checking us out at [Event Name]! Quick feedback? What type of shooting classes would you like us to offer? Text back your ideas!”

This shows you value firearm owner input and can help you tailor future events or promotions.

4. Gratitude

A genuine thank you message to all event participants reinforces a positive brand experience and keeps you top-of-mind with firearm enthusiasts.

Template: “Thanks for making [Event Name] a success! We appreciate your support of the 2A community. Stay tuned for more exciting things to come.”

Add a subtle teaser about an upcoming promotion or future event to keep them engaged.

MMS Ideas
  • A collage of attendee photos from the event with a thank-you overlay.
  • A GIF or image showcasing a few highlight products from the event along with a sneak peek teaser for the next one.
  • Image of happy customers holding their purchases, reinforcing the positive experience.
  • Personalized MMS thank-you with a discount code for a specific attendee’s next purchase (if your data allows).

SMS Power-Ups for Your Firearms Event

Timing is Everything 

Don’t bombard people with early-morning or late-night texts. Think of prime visibility – weekend mornings and early afternoons have the best open rates.

Visuals FTW (MMS)

A picture’s worth a thousand words, especially with firearms! MMS Snapshots of new products, videos of guest speakers in action, or even a short GIF of your event setup all boost excitement.

Segment & Conquer

Tailoring your messages makes a huge difference. Send exclusive offers to past customers, promote training classes to those interested, and offer newcomers a general event overview.

Contests with a Twist 

Giveaways are great, but ensure they fully comply with regulations.  For broader reach, consider prizes like custom gear, range memberships, or training sessions instead of firearms.

Bonus Tip: Keep your messages concise and punchy. SMS is perfect for short, attention-grabbing updates and offers!

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Implementing a targeted SMS strategy can be the difference between a decent firearms event and a truly successful one. Remember these key takeaways:

  • Compliance First: Stay on the right side of regulations for a hassle-free campaign.
  • The 3-Week Plan: Build anticipation, drive on-site engagement, and foster follow-up for maximum impact.
  • Get Creative: Use discounts, giveaways, and personalized messages for extra oomph.

Ready to streamline the whole process? OtterText understands the unique needs of the firearms industry, making it the ideal platform for your SMS campaigns.  With tools designed for compliance and effectiveness, you can focus on delivering an incredible event.

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