How to Attach a Picture to a Text Message: 3 Ways With OtterText

How to Attach a Picture to a Text Message

For any business, customer attention is the new currency. A captivating visual can be the difference between a message that’s glanced at and remembered. Given that visual content is 43% more persuasive than text alone, and considering the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, the impact of a well-placed image is undeniable.

Whether it’s a photo of your latest product, a graphic highlighting a special offer, or a simple image that adds a personal touch, using MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) through OtterText can dramatically amplify your engagement and connection with customers. 

Let’s dive into 3 ways to weave visuals into your business communication with OtterText.

7 Key Benefits of Adding Images to Text Messages

Attaching pictures to text messages transforms your business outreach. Here’s why:

  1. Grabs Attention Instantly: An image stands out in a sea of text. It captures your customer’s eye, making your message more likely to be read and remembered.
  2. Communicates Faster: An image can convey your message in a blink, leveraging our brain’s ability to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This speed is crucial in today’s fast-paced world.
  3. Increases Engagement: Visuals spark curiosity and interest. They invite customers to interact, share, and respond, boosting your engagement metrics.
  4. Enhances Understanding: Complex ideas become clear when illustrated. Images break down barriers of misunderstanding, delivering your message effectively.
  5. Strengthens Brand Identity: Consistent use of branded imagery in messages reinforces your brand, building recognition and loyalty.
  6. Encourages Emotional Connection: Images evoke emotions, creating a deeper bond between your brand and customers.
  7. Drives Action: A compelling image can motivate customers to take action, whether it’s a purchase, a sign-up, or attending an event.

1. Starting with MMS Campaigns

  • Log into OtterText and navigate to the Marketing, then Campaigns section.
  • Create a new campaign and give it a descriptive title.
  • Target the right audience. OtterText allows for specific list targeting, ensuring your message reaches the intended recipients.
  • Select MMS to include media like photos or GIFs.
  • Upload your image or GIF. Choose visuals that reflect your brand and message.
  • Use the 1600-character limit to add context to your image. This space allows for a clear message alongside your visual.

2. Creating Offers with Embedded Barcodes

  • Navigate to the Marketing section and then to Offers.
  • On the Offer Setup page, begin creating your promotional offer. This is where your creativity comes into play – write an offer that captures attention and interest.
  • Select the placeholder image under Barcode. This barcode will link the digital promotion to a physical, in-store experience. It’s a simple yet effective way to bridge your customers’ online and offline worlds.

3. Direct Picture Messaging from the Inbox

  • Head over to Inbox
  • Select a conversation or start a new one.
  • Attach an image directly in the conversation window by clicking the placeholder image icon. This method is excellent for personalized customer service or specific inquiries.

Such direct messaging with images can strengthen your relationship with the customer, showing attentiveness and commitment to their needs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Images in OtterText Campaigns

Effective visual text messages with OtterText involve more than just attaching a picture. Here’s a brief guide with practical tips and advice:

Selecting the Right Image 

Choose images that resonate with your message and audience. For a product launch, use high-resolution images of the product. Consider vibrant, eye-catching graphics that evoke excitement if you’re promoting an event. Remember, the image sets the tone for your message.

Balancing Text and Visuals 

Your text should seamlessly integrate with the image. If the image is detailed, keep your text concise to avoid overwhelming the reader. For simpler images, a more descriptive text can provide valuable context. The key is finding harmony between visuals and words.

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Timing Your Message 

Timing can significantly affect engagement. Send your messages at times when your audience is likely to be attentive. If targeting professionals, consider mid-morning on weekdays. For a younger audience, evenings or weekends might work better.

Testing and Feedback 

Don’t shy away from experimenting. Try different image styles and formats to see what works best. Use analytics to track engagement levels and gather feedback to fine-tune your approach.


Ensuring your content complies with regulations, especially if you’re in sensitive industries like alcohol, firearms, etc., is crucial. Use images responsibly and ethically, keeping in mind the legal boundaries.

Call to Action 

Your image should lead to a clear action. If it’s a product image, direct customers to where they can purchase it. If it’s an event announcement, include details on registering or learning more. The call to action should be clear and compelling.


Integrating images into your text messaging strategy with OtterText is not just about standing out; it’s about creating meaningful connections with your customers. 

By embracing the power of visual communication, you can convert your business messaging into a more engaging, impactful, and memorable experience. 

Try OtterText free for 14 days and see the difference for yourself. Experience firsthand how simple and effective adding images to your text campaigns can be.