Navigating the Latest 10DLC Updates (10th August, 2023)

Navigating the Latest 10DLC Updates (10th August, 2023)

At OtterText, we understand that staying ahead in the dynamic world of SMS marketing means keeping our finger on the pulse of change. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you the latest updates on 10DLC (10-digit local code) as they unfold. 

It’s not just about staying informed; it’s about ensuring that you, our valued customer, remain compliant and thrive in your marketing efforts. From explicit consent requirements to privacy policy nuances, these updates are designed to enhance transparency and trust.

Opt-In Language

The way you ask for opt-in consent in your SMS marketing is everything. It’s not just about getting a nod from your customers; it’s about communicating clearly what they’re signing up for. 

The latest updates to 10DLC have brought about specific requirements for opt-in language, and here’s what you need to know:

  • Explicit Consent: Your opt-in call to action must include explicit consent to receive messages, clearly stating the company name, the possibility of message rate charges, and any applicable terms.
  • Opt-Out Option: Include an easy way to opt out (using a keyword like STOP, for instance) so customers know they have control over the messages they receive.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms: A link to your privacy policy and terms & conditions must be part of the opt-in language.
  • Connection to Checkbox: The text must be next to the checkbox, ensuring the consent process is transparent and user-friendly.

Here’s an example opt-in CTA to illustrate:

“By clicking this box, you agree to receive promotional text messages from [Company Name]. We’ll keep you updated on our latest offers and news, but we won’t overwhelm you. Standard messaging rates may apply. Want to stop receiving messages? Just text STOP at any time. Need assistance? Text HELP. 

For more details, check our [Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions Link].”

Privacy Policy

Your customers want to know that their data is safe and clarify how it’s being used. That’s where your privacy policy page comes into play, and with the latest updates to 10DLC, it’s more critical than ever to get it right.

Here’s what your privacy policy must include to stay compliant with 10DLC regulations:

  • No Sharing or Selling of Data: Make it clear that end-user data will not be shared or sold to third parties, including marketers, data collectors, affiliates, advertisers, etc.
  • Specific Provisions Around Text Messaging: Outline how text messaging data will be handled, stored, and protected.
  • Consistency with Terms and Conditions: Ensure the terms and conditions do not contradict the privacy policy. Consistency builds trust.

OtterText SHAFT compliant for firearms
Unregistered 10DLC Numbers

The costs associated with unregistered 10DLC are rising, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

But it’s not just about the expense; unregistered traffic also faces more filtering, adding another layer of complexity to the equation.

Here’s a snapshot of the current carrier fees for non-registered outbound messages:

CarrierSMS CostMMS Cost
T-Mobile USA$0.01$0.028
The Spring Group$0.01$0.028

Please note that these rates are continuously changing and getting more expensive. Staying informed and adapting to these changes is vital for maintaining effective customer communication.

OtterText: Your Partner in 10DLC Compliance

Navigating the complexities of 10DLC compliance can be daunting, but with OtterText, you have a partner committed to simplifying the process for you. 

We’ve been proactive in adapting to the changes discussed above. All forms on OtterText have been updated, and if you’re using your own forms and connecting via our API, rest assured that we have guidelines to help you stay compliant.

How To Register Your 10DLC with OtterText?

The registration process with OtterText is designed to be straightforward and efficient. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Sign Up with OtterText: Begin by signing up for an account with OtterText. We will handle the registration of your business and 10DLC number with The Campaign Registry (TCR).
  • Provide Required Information for Registration: During the sign-up process, you’ll be asked for essential business information, including legal name, registered address, tax number/ID/EIN, website URL, industry, and more.
  • Specify Messaging Use Case: Clearly state the purpose for which the 10DLC number will be used, such as marketing, customer care, delivery notifications, etc. Special use cases like charity or emergency services may have additional requirements and fees.
  • Provide an Example Text Message: Offer an example of a message that will be sent to contacts. This gives TCR an idea of what recipients can expect from your business.
  • Special Requirements for Firearms or Ammunition Sellers: If your business involves selling firearms or ammunition, you must have an age-gate on your website to pass registration. This is a crucial step to ensure compliance, and OtterText support is available to coordinate with you on submitting your registration for 10DLC.
  • OtterText Submits Your Information to TCR: After you provide the required information, OtterText will submit it to TCR for review and approval. The timeline for approval varies, but it typically only takes a few minutes.
  • Start Sending Messages: Upon approval, you can start sending messages through your registered 10DLC number without worrying about carrier filtering or added fees.
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s required in the Opt-In Language for 10DLC?

Include explicit consent, opt-out option, privacy policy link, and connect text to a checkbox.

What must the Privacy Policy include for 10DLC compliance?

No sharing/selling of data, specific text messaging provisions, and consistency with terms and conditions.

What are the constraints of Unregistered 10DLC Numbers?

Increased costs, more filtering, legal risks, diminished trust, limited services, additional fees, and potential brand damage.

What are the current carrier fees for non-registered outbound messages?

Fees vary by carrier and are continuously changing. For example, AT&T charges $0.014 for SMS and $0.015 for MMS.

How do I register my 10DLC with OtterText?

Sign up with OtterText, provide required information, specify messaging use case, meet special requirements if needed, and start sending messages upon approval.

Why is 10DLC registration important?

It ensures deliverability, cost-effectiveness, compliance, trust, and an enhanced customer experience.

How does OtterText support 10DLC compliance?

OtterText simplifies registration, provides guidelines, and adapts proactively to regulatory changes.