Level Up Your MMS Game: Choosing Images That Captivate

Level Up Your MMS Game

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) offers a fantastic way to elevate your text message campaigns. It’s engaging, and versatile, and helps you deliver your message more memorable. However, the success of your MMS relies heavily on one key element: the visuals you choose. 

Types of Visuals for MMS

Visuals are a fundamental tool for effective communication within the firearms industry. From product highlights to safety demonstrations and showcasing the thrill of a range day, the right images, GIFs, and videos can educate, engage, and inspire your audience.


High-quality photos, illustrations, and graphics form the backbone of strong MMS communication. Use clear, eye-catching images that are directly related to your message.

Images from the Triple J Armory Instagram account

Images from the Triple J Armory Instagram account

A firearms store offering a special on concealed carry holsters could send an MMS with a high-quality, well-lit photo of the holster on a neutral background. The accompanying text would include the sale price, a short description of the holster’s features, and a call to action like “Shop the Sale Now!”


GIFs bring a touch of fun and dynamism to your MMS messages. Look for GIFs that express emotions, add a dash of humor, or quickly showcase your product or brand in action.

A range promoting beginner shooting classes could send a short GIF demonstrating a proper grip and stance. The accompanying text would highlight the importance of learning the basics and include information on how to sign up for a class.

Short Videos

Harness the power of short video clips to tell a story, showcase a product, or build a stronger connection with your audience.  The key with MMS is to keep videos brief (under 30 seconds) for quick loading and optimal engagement.

A firearms manufacturer introducing a new rifle model could send a short video (under 30 seconds) showcasing the rifle’s sleek design, unique features, and a few slow-motion shots of the rifle being fired. The accompanying text would include a link to the product page on their website.

Selecting the Perfect Visual: Matching Message & Brand

So, you’ve chosen the MMS format for your firearms and range marketing – fantastic! The key step is selecting the right visual to complement your message and resonate with your brand identity. Here’s how to hit the bullseye:

1. Align with Your Text

The visual should directly support and enhance your message. For example, if your text promotes a concealed carry holster sale, your image should showcase it.

2. Prioritize Quality

A blurry photo or pixelated graphic will detract from your message. Use high-resolution images, and ensure they look clear even when displayed on a small phone screen.

3. Reflect Your Brand

Choose visuals that align with your brand’s overall aesthetic. Is your brand image rugged and outdoorsy? Opt for photos with natural settings. Do you emphasize precision and technology? Consider sleek product close-ups.

4. Consider Emotion

Think about the emotions you want to evoke with your message. If promoting a safety class, use visuals that convey trust and expertise. Highlighting the excitement of shooting? Choose dynamic action shots.

5. Maintain Brand Consistency

This includes color scheme, fonts, and even overall style. For example, if your logo has red accents, consider incorporating those in your visuals when appropriate.

Resource Roundup

Finding the perfect visuals for your MMS messages doesn’t have to be a challenge! Here are some valuable resources to get you started:

  • Canva: This user-friendly platform offers a vast library of free and paid stock photos, illustrations, and design tools. You can customize templates and even create short video clips.
  • Pexels: This website boasts a wide selection of high-quality, royalty-free photos and videos you can use for commercial purposes.
  • Unsplash: Another great source for free, high-resolution images across various categories.
Screenshot from Unsplash showing results for the query "Guns"
Canva’s Advantage

Canva goes beyond just offering stock photos. Its intuitive interface allows you to edit photos, add text overlays, and create branded graphics that seamlessly match your message and brand identity.

And if you’re an OtterText customer, the advantage is even greater! Our custom-built templates for Canva provide a streamlined way to create visually stunning MMS messages. These templates are easily customizable, allowing you to quickly adapt them to your specific message while maintaining brand consistency.

Key Considerations

While visuals offer enormous potential for your MMS messaging, there are a few crucial factors to keep in mind for optimal results:

File Size

MMS has a 1MB limit on image and GIFS file sizes to ensure messages are sent quickly.  When exporting visuals from Canva, aim for dimensions around 800px by 800px, which balance quality and file size well.  For image optimization, use tools like:

  • TinyPNG – A free and easy-to-use image compression website.
  • ImageOptim – A user-friendly application for both Mac and Windows for compressing images with minimal loss of quality.

A complex visual can be difficult for your audience to decipher on a phone screen. Opt for clean, easy-to-understand visuals that convey your point even at a glance. 

At OtterText, we’ve found that big, bold text is especially effective for MMS as it ensures clarity and visibility. Always keep your message brief and focused.


Your visuals should work in tandem with your text to drive action. Consider using visual cues like arrows or highlighting key information to draw the viewer’s eye to your desired call-to-action—whether clicking a link, visiting your website, or calling for more information.

Consent and Compliance

Explicit consent is paramount in the firearms industry. Obtain clear, written permission from each person before sending them any MMS message. Clearly outline the type of content they can expect to receive, and provide an easy way for them to opt out at any time. OtterText’s consent features include opt-in keyword functionality (e.g., customer texts “RANGE” to subscribe) and automatic record-keeping for compliance purposes.

Age Verification

Implement strict age verification before anyone can be added to your list. Ask for birthdates during signup or use a reliable third-party age verification service. OtterText’s age-gating system allows you to set up custom workflows, automatically rejecting contacts who don’t meet your age criteria.


By now, you understand the power of MMS to elevate your firearms and range marketing. But remember, generic visuals won’t cut it. Choose images, GIFs, and videos that feel authentic to your brand and resonate with your target audience to truly stand out. Opt for real-world moments that convey the safety, expertise, or excitement that defines your business.Resources like Canva, Pexels, and Unsplash make finding those perfect visuals a breeze. But for the ultimate advantage, consider partnering with OtterText. Our SMS marketing platform streamlines your messaging and offers custom-built Canva templates for ranges and the firearms industry.  This powerful combination ensures your MMS campaigns are visually stunning, perfectly on-brand, and optimized for success.