Transition From Twilio And Bandwidth to OtterText For Firearm Brands

From Twilio And Bandwidth to OtterText For Firearm Brands

If you’re in the firearm industry, you’ve likely felt the seismic shift in SMS marketing. As of August 31, 2023, Twilio and Bandwidth—two giants that power 90% of all texting software, including AWS—have said “no more” to firearm content and unregistered traffic. This has led to a mass exodus, with software companies built on these platforms dropping firearm clients like hot potatoes.

Now, OtterText is the only solution that accommodates unregistered and registered firearm traffic. 

Twilio and Bandwidth’s Policy Changes and Their Impact

The policy change by Twilio and Bandwidth has had a ripple effect, impacting nearly everyone in the industry. While less than 1% might have been using Twilio directly, the vast majority were affected by other software providers relying on Twilio and Bandwidth. This left businesses scrambling for alternatives, unsure of where to turn next.

What’s the fallout? If your SMS marketing is tied to either of these providers or SMS software built on them, you’re facing a roadblock. Your ability to reach customers through text messages could grind to a halt, affecting your marketing efforts and your bottom line.

OtterText has emerged as the only viable option. It’s the lone platform that can handle both registered and unregistered firearm traffic. Even better, OtterText’s provider has committed to exclusively partnering with them for the firearm sector.

What is OtterText?

OtterText is an SMS marketing platform designed with compliance and versatility in mind. Unlike other platforms that have bowed to the restrictions imposed by Twilio and Bandwidth, OtterText has carved out a unique space for itself.

The platform is fully S.H.A.F.T compliant, which means it’s built to navigate the tricky regulations surrounding the firearm industry. It also offers a range of features beyond sending bulk SMS messages, but the standout feature is its ability to handle unregistered and registered firearm traffic. 

How to Transition from Twilio and Bandwidth to OtterText: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Switching from Twilio or Bandwidth to OtterText? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Just follow these ordered steps for a seamless transition:

  1. Choose Your Plan: Visit the OtterText Pricing page and pick the plan that best suits your needs.
  2. Create an Account: Head over to the OtterText Signup Page to establish your new account.
  3. Complete Your Profile: Fill out your business details, including your logo, website, and EIN, to round out your profile.
  4. Email Your Opt-In List: Forward your opt-in customer list to the OtterText Sales Team for preparation.
  5. Preferred Area Code: Specify your desired area code for messaging to align with your business location.
  6. Schedule a Setup Call: Arrange a call with the OtterText sales team to walk through the activation process and ensure everything is set up correctly.
  7. Inform Your Clients: Keep your customers in the loop by notifying them about the switch and sharing the new opt-in link.
  8. Upload and Grow: The OtterText team will upload your cleaned and segmented list, setting the stage for subscriber growth.

OtterText’s Features

OtterText offers unique features specifically designed for S.H.A.F.T (Safe, Honest, Age-gated, Firearm, and Tobacco) compliant businesses.

Two-Way Communication

One of OtterText’s unique features is its two-way chat functionality. This allows businesses to engage in real-time customer conversations, making the interaction more personal and efficient.

Age-Gating Features

Compliance is a big deal, especially in the firearm industry. OtterText offers age-gating features to ensure that your messages only reach an audience meeting the legal age requirements for firearm purchases.

Bulk SMS and Custom Templates

Sending out mass messages? OtterText has you covered with its bulk SMS feature. Plus, you can use custom templates to maintain brand consistency across all your communications.

Web Chat Widgets

OtterText goes beyond just SMS. Their web chat widgets can be integrated into your website, providing another channel for customer engagement.

Marketing Tools

From offering coupons to setting up automated responses, OtterText provides marketing tools designed to boost customer engagement and sales.

Free Onboarding and Training

Switching platforms can be daunting, but OtterText makes it easy with free onboarding and training. They even offer 1-on-1 monthly marketing advice to help you maximize your SMS campaigns.

24/7 Customer Support

Need help at odd hours? OtterText offers round-the-clock customer support through text, email, and web chat, ensuring you’re never left in the lurch.


How Long Does the Transition to OtterText Take?

The transition can be as quick as an hour, depending on your existing setup and the size of your customer list.

Is My Data Secure During the Transition?

Absolutely. OtterText takes data security seriously and ensures customer information is securely transferred and stored in line with industry standards.

What Happens to My Existing SMS Campaigns?

Unfortunately, your existing campaigns from Twilio or Bandwidth won’t carry over to OtterText.

Do I Need to Inform My Customers About the Switch?

Yes, it’s a good idea to let your customers know about the change. OtterText can help you draft a message to notify your customer base.

Can I Keep My Existing Phone Number for SMS Campaigns?

You can port over a number used exclusively for text messaging. However, it’s not recommended for S.H.A.F.T.-compliant companies to move over business lines enabled for SMS.

What If I Need Help After the Transition?

OtterText provides ongoing support, including 24/7 customer service and monthly 1-on-1 marketing consultations, to help you maximize the platform’s benefits.

Are There Any Setup Fees?

No, OtterText offers free onboarding to ensure a smooth transition.

How Does OtterText Handle Compliance?

OtterText is fully S.H.A.F.T compliant and offers features like age-gating and simplified SMS opt-in to help you stay compliant.

Conclusion: Make the Informed Move to OtterText Today

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of SMS marketing for firearm businesses can be daunting. But with OtterText, you’re not just getting another platform; you’re gaining a partner that understands the unique challenges of S.H.A.F.T compliance and customer engagement. From its robust features to 24/7 support, OtterText is a reliable choice.

Don’t just rely on hearsay—experience the OtterText advantage for yourself. We’re rolling out a 14-day free trial that lets you explore the platform’s capabilities. It’s the ideal chance to test our features, evaluate our compliance tools, and see firsthand how OtterText can take your SMS marketing to the next level.

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