Do SMS Platforms Hamper Your Firearm Marketing Efforts? OtterText Can Help!

Firearm Marketing with text

The increasingly digital world has unlocked the potential for unprecedented growth across various industries. However, as businesses in the firearm sector have discovered, not all aspects of this digital evolution are conducive to their progress. 

A detailed examination by Otter Technologies has revealed a major challenge: many SMS platforms are curbing firearm businesses’ marketing efforts.

How Major SMS Platforms Stifle the Growth of Firearm Businesses

With an impressive 98% open rate, SMS marketing is nothing short of a business powerhouse. It’s a game-changer, offering businesses the chance to connect with their audience on a personal, direct level, that many other marketing channels simply can’t match. SMS marketing can enhance customer engagement, drive conversion rates, and significantly boost revenues.

However, the reality is that this potent tool isn’t equally accessible to all. A significant barrier has been erected that precludes certain sectors, notably the firearms industry, from reaping the benefits of this effective marketing channel.

This roadblock comes from restrictions imposed by eight leading SMS platforms, including industry behemoths like Klaviyo, Twilio, and Podium. They have chosen to curb the growth potential of firearm businesses by categorically denying them access to their services.

Take Klaviyo, for example. A cursory glance at their terms of service reveals an explicit prohibition on supporting SMS for brands operating in specific industries, one of which, regrettably, is firearms. Similarly, Twilio has adopted a sweeping ban on firearms and vaping-related traffic across its platform.

Similarly, platforms such as SlickText, Simple Texting, Voyage, and MessageMEDIA have policies disallowing the promotion of SHAFT-related content, which includes firearms. These restrictions represent a considerable obstacle for firearm businesses aiming to employ the efficacy of SMS marketing.

The motivations behind these restrictions vary, but they mostly boil down to compliance with regulations. Instead of working to understand and adapt to these sectors’ unique needs and regulatory complexities, these platforms have taken the easy way out. They’ve chosen to sidestep potential legal and ethical complications by simply excluding these industries altogether.

The result? An unnecessary and unfair impediment to the growth trajectory of businesses in the firearms sector. It’s a troubling reality at a time when effective digital marketing is paramount to business success. Due to these sweeping restrictions, the industry is at a disadvantage, unable to harness one of the most effective marketing channels.

Empowering SHAFT Brands: The Otter Technologies Approach

At Otter Technologies, we believe in overcoming hurdles to bring success within reach of every industry. Our pioneering platform, OtterText, stands as a testament to this ethos. We proudly support SHAFT brands, including firearm businesses, by offering an SMS marketing solution that upholds compliance while ensuring effective communication.

OtterText SHAFT compliant for firearms

OtterText: Your Reliable Partner in Growth

OtterText is more than an SMS marketing platform—it’s a tool crafted with the nuances of SHAFT industries in mind. Our services are designed to empower these businesses, helping them navigate restrictions and enjoy the benefits of digital marketing.

  • Automated Age Gating: We facilitate signup for SHAFT businesses with an innovative, built-in, automated age gating feature in our opt-in SMS. This feature effectively screens underage users, aligning with industry-specific regulations.
  • SMS Dashboard: Our comprehensive SMS dashboard offers businesses the freedom to advertise ammo sales, guns, range time, and more, all while staying compliant. With strict adherence to CTIA and TCPA policies, we assure businesses of effective and compliant marketing.
  • Expertise in Compliance: We bring a combined experience of over 30 years in marketing and advertising. OtterText supports onboarding, list growth, and campaign recommendations, ensuring businesses remain compliant while enjoying significant growth.

Through these features, OtterText helps SHAFT brands navigate regulations without missing out on the benefits of SMS marketing.

OtterWaiver: Simplifying Compliance for Outdoor Businesses

Otter Technologies’ commitment to SHAFT industries extends beyond text marketing. Our OtterWaiver platform is another example of our dedication to providing easy-to-use, fully compliant tools for these businesses.

OtterWaiver offers an effortless way to send, collect, and manage legally binding electronic signatures for activity waivers. Designed to cater to outdoor companies, it helps businesses avoid customer turnover. OtterWaiver fully complies with SHAFT regulations, ensuring that waivers from various industries meet all necessary legal requirements.


While these hurdles may limit certain marketing approaches, they don’t necessarily limit a business’s potential to thrive. They merely represent a challenge to overcome, a part of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. 

At Otter Technologies, we are committed to keeping you informed about these developments and standing beside you as we explore ways to navigate these challenges. Together, we can embrace the future of the firearm industry.