Expanding SMS Customer Base: 9 SMS Marketing Strategies 

Expanding SMS Customer Base_ 9 SMS Marketing Strategies

SMS marketing has proven to be one of the most efficient and quick-to-market methods available today. Recipients open 98% of all text messages, and the average conversion rate for SMS marketing campaigns is 14%.

Of course, no advertising strategy brings instant success. To get the most out of short message service (SMS) advertising, it is necessary first to amass a large number of SMS subscribers or customers who have consented to receive your SMS messages.

That vital, customer-initiated opt-in process necessitates more work on their part. Fortunately, there are many viable options for attracting and retaining SMS subscribers.

1. Check That Subscribers Have Properly Opted In

Sending subscribers unneeded or unwanted text can damage their perception of your company.

To avoid angry subscribers and unsubscribes, ensure they knowingly and willingly opt-in to receive your messages. In the future, high open rates will also improve your deliverability.

To stay in compliance, you need to get consent from your text subscribers. That means you provided the information about your program during opt-in, and your subscribers gave you their permission to text them.

It is possible to save a lot of money on advertising by ensuring that the people who receive your materials are genuinely interested in purchasing your goods. The fact that people can choose whether or not they want to receive SMS marketing messages is a big reason why it works so well.

2. Provide an Enticing Reason to Sign Up for Your SMS List

How can you encourage more customers to join your SMS subscriber list? Come up with a deal they just can’t refuse!

One study found that companies that provided an incentive saw a 520% increase in their SMS marketing list size.

Get a freebie or a price cut on a service to try it out. So, for example, if you run a smoothie shop, you might incentivize new customers to sign up for your newsletter by offering them a free smoothie in exchange for their email address. Free haircuts and discounts of up to 25% on color services are great ways to promote your hairstyling business.

3. Gather Phone Numbers at Your Business or Store

Collecting mobile phone numbers in person is another way to expand your SMS customer list.

Put together an incentive with this strategy to draw in even more subscribers. Perhaps you run a food truck. You can encourage people to sign up for text alerts by offering them a discount on your next round in that neighborhood.

4. Give Customers the Choice to Sign Up for Text Messages During Online Checkout

You can expand your SMS subscriber list by incorporating signup forms into your online checkout. There could be a box to click that reads “Send me updates via text message” with a brief explanation of what that entails.

You could, for instance, assure them that you won’t share their information with anyone and will only use it to send them special deals, promotions, and news.

5. Get The Word Out About Your SMS List On Your Website

Be sure to let people know they can sign up for your SMS list on your website.

Draw in site visitors and convince them to sign up by displaying eye-catching banners and pop-up forms. You could emphasize the special offers and coupons they will receive after signing up or the freebie they will receive as a thank you for subscribing.

6. Give Your SMS Subscribers Access to Special Offers

Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a service that offers them exclusive discounts and benefits.

Treating your subscribers like royalty will make them more likely to become loyal customers and promote your business in the long run. Also, enticing customers to opt in is a breeze when you offer them special discounts. 

7. Request Referrals from Current Subscribers

Promoting your service by rewarding those who bring in new subscribers is a tried and true method for expanding your SMS clientele. That way, everyone walks away winners!

Start Building Your SMS Subscriber List.

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