SMS Marketing for Gyms and Fitness Centers

SMS Marketing for Gyms and Fitness Centers

As the fitness industry continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important for gyms and fitness centers to find new and innovative ways to stay connected with their members. One powerful approach that many gyms and fitness centers are using is SMS marketing, which allows them to send targeted text messages to their subscribers.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of SMS marketing for gyms and fitness centers, and share practical tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your message marketing campaigns.

Why Use SMS Marketing for Gyms and Fitness Centers

SMS marketing is an incredibly effective way to connect with your members, for the following reasons:

Overall, SMS marketing is an excellent channel to promote your gym or fitness center in a cost-effective and targeted manner.

How SMS Marketing Tools Work

If you own a gym or fitness center and want to leverage SMS marketing, you can use SMS marketing tools to send targeted text messages to your subscribers. These tools help automate the SMS marketing process, making it easier for you to reach out to potential customers and increase your membership.

Some of the key features of SMS marketing tools include:


By creating a unique keyword, like “FITNESS,” you can ask customers to text it to your SMS marketing number to join your list. Once they text the keyword, customers are opting-in to receive SMS messages from your gym, allowing you to send them targeted messages and promotions.

Data Collection

You can collect information from your subscribers, such as their names, phone numbers, and fitness goals. This way, you can segment your audience and send personalized messages that are more likely to resonate with each subscriber.


When a new subscriber joins your SMS marketing list, they can receive an automatic welcome message with a promotional offer, such as a free class or a discount on their first month’s membership. This helps incentivize new subscribers to take action and become paying customers.


You can create a campaign to promote a new fitness class you are offering. Send targeted messages to subscribers who have shown an interest in similar classes in the past, offering them a discount on the new class or highlighting its benefits.


You can use analytics to track the success of your SMS marketing campaigns. For example, you can track open rates to see which messages are resonating with your audience and adjust your messaging accordingly. You can also track conversion rates to see how many subscribers are taking action on your messages and optimize your campaigns for better results.

OtterText is a powerful SMS marketing tool that helps gyms and fitness centers create successful campaigns using features like keywords, data collection, autoresponders, campaigns, and analytics. It also allows for one-on-one communication with members through business texting.

Strategies for Using SMS Marketing in Your Gym or Fitness Center

In addition to creating effective promotional messages, there are several strategies that gyms and fitness centers can use to make the most out of SMS marketing:

1. Make Your Keywords Visible

Make sure your unique keyword is visible to potential members. You can place it on your gym window, social media channels, or any other relevant platform. This way, people can easily engage with your gym by texting the keyword to your SMS marketing number to receive all the necessary information.

2. Welcome New Members with Autoresponders

Connect with new members by sending them an autoresponder message of encouragement and a promotional item, such as a branded water bottle or lanyard, to make them feel excited about joining your gym.

Sample text: Hi [Name], welcome to [Gym Name]! We’re excited to have you join our fitness community. As a thank you for signing up, here’s a promo code for a free personal training session. Use code [Code] to redeem at the front desk. See you at the gym!

3. Send Promotional Offers to Keep Members Engaged

Use promotions to keep your members engaged and reach your sales goals. Offer discounts on classes, and free gym swag, or hold quick contests using Text-to-Win features. For example, offer t-shirts to the first 50 members to renew their contracts or host a bring-a-friend promotion where friends work out for free.

Sample text: Hey [Name], it’s time to work up a sweat! This week only, we’re offering 10% off all group fitness classes. Use code [Code] when you sign up to redeem. Don’t miss out!

4. Send Out Class Schedules or Maintenance Updates

Keep your members informed about last-minute class cancellations or maintenance updates to your gym’s equipment. Let them know the details of the changes, including how long maintenance will last, and offer alternatives to their routine.

Sample text: Hey [Name], just a heads up! The Yoga course tomorrow at 5:30 has been canceled. We’ll have another special class on Friday at 6:30. Hope to see you there!

5. Encourage Members with Personalized Texts

Send personalized texts to your members, inviting them to return to your gym. Tell them about upcoming classes or events, remind them about their fitness goals, or simply let them know they’re missed. Make sure to personalize the message by having your staff reach out to their class members themselves.

Sample text: Hey [Name], we noticed that you haven’t been to our gym for a while! We’re here to support your fitness goals! Come over for a free personal training session on us.

6. Send Plan Renewal Reminders to Retain Members

Create custom segments to categorize members based on their membership plans, then contact them as their contract renewal date approaches to remind them to renew. Use Text-to-Pay to allow members to pay directly from their phones or Scheduled Texts to send messages automatically when renewal time comes around. You can even reward members who renew consistently with a “Congratulations on _ months” message with a class voucher or special discount.

Sample text: Hey [Name], your membership plan ends soon. To renew, text “YES” and we’ll handle the rest. Hoping to see you with us soon!

7. Use Business Texting for Customer Service and Feedback

Use business texting to communicate one-on-one with your members for customer service, responding in real time to their questions and concerns. This is also a great opportunity to receive feedback and suggestions from your members, such as adding a third boot camp class to the schedule.

Sample text: Hey [Name], what did you think of the new Zumba class? We value your opinion and we’re always looking to improve our gym. If you have any questions or concerns, text us and we’ll get back to you!

Tips for Creating Effective Gym Promotional Messages

To get the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns, it’s important to create effective promotional messages that engage your audience. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Use clear and concise language to convey your message, making it easy to read and understand.
  • Create a sense of urgency in your messages to encourage action from your audience. Use phrases like “limited time offer” or “today only” to prompt subscribers to take action.
  • Make sure that your gym promotional messages offer value to your members, such as a discount or a free class.
  • Personalize your messages by using your members’ names and segmenting your audience to ensure that each member receives relevant messaging.
  • Use clear and compelling language on your call-to-action buttons to encourage clicks and engagement.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool for promoting gyms and fitness centers. By using SMS marketing tools to automate your messaging and implementing smart SMS marketing strategies, you can attract new members, retain existing ones, and keep your members engaged. 

So, if you haven’t tried SMS marketing yet, it’s time to get started and take your gym or fitness center to the next level! Sign up for a free 14 day trial with 500 text messages today.