SMS Marketing for S.H.A.F.T. Brands: 10DLC, Short Codes, and Toll-Free Numbers

Short Codes, and Toll-Free Numbers

Dive into the world of SMS marketing for S.H.A.F.T. (Sex, hate, alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco) businesses. Explore the power of 10DLC, Short Codes, and Toll-Free numbers to supercharge your marketing campaigns and effectively engage your audience. 

OtterText, a platform tailored for Alcohol and Firearms brands, offers all these options to elevate your SMS marketing strategy.

Shared Short Code

A Shared Short Code is a 5 or 6-digit number that multiple businesses or organizations share for their SMS marketing campaigns. 

While Shared Short Codes are more affordable than Dedicated Short Codes, they come with limitations. If any organization using the Shared Short Code violates carrier guidelines, the number may be blocked, impacting all businesses sharing the code. 

Fortunately, carriers are moving away from shared shortcodes in favor of Dedicated Short Codes, 10-Digit Long Codes, and Toll-Free numbers.

Dedicated Short Code: Boosting Your High-Impact SMS Campaigns

A Dedicated Short Code is a 5 or 6-digit number (example: 50001) exclusive to a single organization or business for SMS marketing purposes. 

They are easy to remember and support high-volume messaging with faster throughput. However, they can be expensive to obtain and maintain. 

A Dedicated Short Code helps businesses create a unique brand identity and ensures no other organization shares the same number.

Advantages of Short Codes

  • Memorability: The short length of 5 or 6-digit numbers makes them easy to remember and encourages customer engagement.
  • High-volume capability: Short Codes are designed for large-scale SMS marketing campaigns, making them ideal for promotions and alerts.
  • Faster throughput: Short Codes provide faster message-sending rates than traditional codes.

Implementing Short Codes in Your SMS Strategy

  • Use Short Codes for time-sensitive promotions or campaigns that require immediate action.
  • Ensure your messaging complies with carrier guidelines and regulations.
  • Test different Short Code strategies to find the most effective approach for your S.H.A.F.T. business.


  • Short codes start around $1000 plus a setup fee.

Discover sample text campaigns for shooting ranges to gain inspiration and insights for your next SMS marketing campaign.

10DLC (10-Digit Long Codes): Building Trust and Enhancing A2P Messaging

10DLC refers to local 10-digit phone numbers (example: 420-520-6602) used for A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging. 

They offer a cost-effective solution with high throughput and improved deliverability. 10DLC numbers help establish trust and rapport with customers by using local numbers. 

Although 10DLC may have lower throughput than Short Codes, they provide a more affordable option for businesses, especially for smaller campaigns or when a local presence is desired.

Remember that unregistered 10DLCs are subject to higher prices and other penalties.

Key Benefits of 10DLC

  • Cost-effective: 10DLC offers a lower cost per message than Short Codes, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • High throughput: With improved deliverability and faster message-sending rates, 10DLC ensures your audience receives your messages promptly.
  • Local presence: Using local 10-digit phone numbers establishes trust and rapport with your customers.

Best Practices for 10DLC Campaigns

  • Ensure your message content is relevant and engaging to your target audience.
  • Optimize the frequency of your messages to avoid overwhelming your customers.
  • Monitor campaign performance and adjust your strategy accordingly.


  • Free with all texting providers, including OtterText.

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Toll-Free Numbers: Enhancing Customer Experience and Engagement 

Toll-Free numbers (example: 1-844-870-6000) are phone numbers that enable customers to send and receive SMS messages without incurring charges. They can be used for voice calls and SMS, streamlining communication channels. 

Toll-Free numbers enhance customer experience and engagement while lending a professional image to your brand. They offer a cost-effective alternative to Short Codes, providing wider reach and compatibility with many messaging use cases.

The Importance of Toll-Free Numbers

  • No cost for customers: Toll-Free numbers allow customers to send and receive SMS messages without incurring charges, fostering better communication.
  • Wide reach: Toll-Free numbers can be used for voice calls and SMS, simplifying your communication channels.
  • Professional appearance: A Toll-Free number lends a professional image to your brand, increasing credibility.

Tips for Leveraging Toll-Free Numbers

  • Provide clear instructions and incentives for customers to engage with your Toll-Free number.
  • Respond promptly to customer inquiries and messages to build trust and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of your Toll-Free campaigns to optimize engagement.

Jumpstart your SMS marketing by collecting phone numbers using techniques like sign-up forms, in-store promotions, and online giveaways. OtterText offers valuable resources like this guide to help you gather phone numbers efficiently.

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10DLC, Short Codes, and Toll-Free numbers can help you effectively engage and communicate with your audience in the S.H.A.F.T. industry

Remember to monitor your campaign performance, refine your messaging, and adjust your approach as needed to maximize the impact of your SMS marketing efforts. 

Discover the power of SMS marketing with OtterText, a platform tailored to meet the unique needs of Alchohol and Firearm businesses. 

Benefit from our competitive pricing, which includes 10DLC and Toll-Free numbers in our monthly rates. And for those seeking more impact, Short Codes are available as an extra option for $1000/month. 

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